Albury House 1946 – Linocut by Peter Wilson LVC

“What an amazing thread – a post by someone who wasn’t at SCGS and seems to have only made a passing reference to it giving rise to 1876 comments over four years…”
(Roger White, June 19 2011)
commenting on Kevin Davis’ original blog query re SCGS
@ http://kevindavis.wordpress.com/2007/04/26/surbiton-grammar-school/)

So why this new blog for SCGS …?

  •  As noted in the above comment, there was a remarkable 1876 comments response to a ‘throwaway’ posting/query by Kevin Davis in his blog back in 2007.
  •  There was never any guarantee of permanence for that material should Kevin Davis ever decide to call time on his blog in its original format. This has now happened, as of the end of August 2011.  Kevin Davis has added the following paragraph to the beginning of his original post ,
  • “30 August 2011 – It is over four years ago that I published this simple post and the power of the internet turned this it into a home for SCGS Old Boy’s to share fond memories. I have enjoyed hosting you but it is time for you to find a proper home that can better service your many needs. An SCGS OB has now set up that site full of images and other material. I suggest all further comments are made there and I am therefore turning off the comments facility for this site. All your comments here have been transferred to your new site. Good luck and happy reading”.
    Click here: Surbiton County Grammar School
  • WordPress allows the addition of ‘static’ pages/subpages to the Home/Blog page which have been used in this blog to organise and archive comments, photos, and PDF copies made of booklets and other printed material  – copies of The Surbitonian school magazine as an example. These are currently scattered across the internet or as links in blog comments, or languishing in lofts … or occasionally to be found advertised on eBay.


HEDLEY STOVOLD    At SCGS 1953-1961 : Egmont. University College London/Paris University – Modern Languages 1961/63 ; Chartered Librarian ALA 1963-84; Bournemouth University IT 1984-1989; Freelance IT Trainer 1990-2002;  Bournemouth & Poole College IT 2002-2007

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.”   ―     (Marcel Proust)