1925 – 1946

FIRST 21 YRS of Surbiton County Grammar School by AJ FORWARD

First Twenty One Years

4 Responses to 1925 – 1946

  1. Brian Alexander Evans says:

    I am researching my grandfathers history and believe he may have attended the school. I have a bible provided to him – in-scripted, “No 2 6g 30 Corporal Evans with best wishesand signed by G.P. Wmd Wynn’ the front of the bible is ‘Montgomeryshire 88th Co I.Y. from G.E.W.W. – my grandfathers name was Frederick Benjamin Evans.
    Would you have any means of determining if he attended the school in its first 21 years. Thanking you in advance, Brian A. Evans – bevans@corsmgt.ca

  2. pockett1 says:

    I am English, living in Australia, and came with a pile of old books that my dad gave to me. In amongst them I have found a book called “A year with Nature” by ‘J. Elvet Roberts’ whom he dedicates the book to past and present boys of Surbiton County School, with which he had spent 15 happy yrs. I’m happy to send this to the school if it might be of value to its history. The book is dated May 1943, so I am guessing he may have been there in the very early days?
    Regards Amanda Pockett

  3. Debbie says:

    I know this is a late statement, but Albury House was my fathers family home owned by his grandfather, therefore my great grandfathers, I believe they had a photo of him in the hallway of the school.

  4. Philip Brimble says:

    My father, Peter Brimble, attended Surbiton. I’m not certain of exact dates but I have a copy of The Surbitonian (Surbiton School magazine) dated ,1933, and workbooks indicating Dad was there until June 1934. Anyone out there have any knowledge about the school at that time?

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