School Trips


NEVASA CRUISE 1965 : TUG OF WAR (photo by Tony Smith)

NEVASA CRUISE 1965 : BY THE LIFEBOATS (photo by Tony Smith)

NEVASA CRUISE 1965 : IN AN ATHENS BAR (photo by Tony Smith)

8 Responses to School Trips

  1. Frank Nowell says:

    I have recently come across this fascinating site which brings back quite a number of (mostly good) memories. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I don’t recognise many of the names attached to messages.

    I was at SCGS from 1950 to 1959 – a longer time than normal because I was away with a broken leg that would not mend. (I should not have cycled to school on an icy road and with a heavy satchel of books!) I started off in form IIC and at least some of the class were: Colin Egerton, Firth, Keith Masters**, McLeish, John Oborn, Perkins, Perks, Roffey, Sugden, Michael Wales, Williams. Norman Neve joined the class later (in form III or IV). I ended up in a class 1 or possibly 2 years behind, with great people such as Derek Yalden, Malcolm Brown and Andrew Thompson.

    **Keith Masters was the son of Mr Masters who taught woodwork/technical drawing. Strangely I can’t recognise Mr Masters in the staff pictures.

    I notice from the messages that somebody is interested in pictures of the trip to the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome. I have a photograph (originally sepia but now b/w) of the group including the teachers involved – I recognise Messrs Walmsley, Bolt, Fernyhough, Hunt and Cadogan (I think). Martin Walmsley, Mr Walmsley’ son , who was at SCGS in the late 40s/early 50s, is also there. If anyone would like their own copy, please email ( and I will send an e-copy.

    Does anyone remember the “unofficial” ballroom dancing classes in the late 50’s, with girls from Surbiton High School (and possibly Tiffin Girls at a different time)? The classes were in the canteen hut, with 45rpm record music by Victor Sylvester. It all went fine until the girls’ headmistress complained to Mr Doig. Not sure what happened after that!

  2. phil seaman says:

    Hi Frank
    Sorry don’t remember you but was at SCGS from ’53 to early ’60. I wondered if Masters was in 1956 photo no.1 (click on “photos” at top of home page), second from left next to smudge Smith(glasses and frizzy hair). Strange he was not in any others. Always enjoyed woodwork thereafter so some good must have come from it all. Was Masters ill or is that my memory failing? I think Eddie Watkins also took woodwork but he was a bruiser I felt!! (rugby background??!!)

    P.S. A belated happy new year to all who knew me (and the rest of you course!!)

  3. phil seaman says:

    sorry Frank i did of course mean “SCGS Staff” and then 1956 photo no.1. As an aged aunt once said ” anno domini is catching up with me”

  4. fao Frank Nowell and Phil Seaman

    I am currently about to scan the 1946 – 1958 issues of The Surbitonian. Reading through the 1956 issue I notice a photo and obituary of Mr Masters written by Bert Forward. Reading through the news sections of 2/3 previous issues it would appear that Mr Masters had a prolonged period of illness over the 1954-1955 period. My first year at SCGS was in 1953 and I do remember him around then – in that upstairs room at the courtyard end of the Main School adjacent to the Staff rooms.

    The 1959 to 1965 issues of The Surbitonian have now been scanned, converted to PDF files and can be opened and read online on the Surbitonian blog page. When restored to full sanity (!) I shall be tackling the 1946 – 1958 batch – there were two issues p.a. 1947 to 1954, and none in 1953. Fascinating stuff … I can sympathise with the meerkat in the TV ad who appears to suddenly collapse at night onto his laptop (scanner?).

    Hope the above throws a little light onto this – the school magazines can be a great help in such queries.

    As for ‘anno domini’, Phil, in my case it appears to have caught me up and be running alongside; just a cursory glance now and then to make sure it is not a black cloaked figure carrying a scythe.

    regards to you both


  5. Phil seaman says:

    Hi Hedley

    Once the neck is too stiff to look over the shoulder it is probably better to keep looking ahead and hope for the best that nothing nasty is creeping up behind, or in your case alongside!!

    Looks like I was vaguely right about Mr Masters being ill?! Some memory cells still in residence!

  6. Frank Nowell says:

    Hi Phil and Hedley. Thanks for the comments explaining why we have no photograph of Mr Masters. I mainly remember him as a woodwork teacher. Unless my memory has completely gone, the woodwork class was in an outside hut (wooden?) at the back of the school somewhere. To me, woodwork, like science, was one of the more inspirational subjects because it got away from just book work. It’s one of the subjects I still use fairly regularly.

    I’ll send in the group photograph of the 1960 Rome trip for insertion on to the web-site. I don’t remember too much about the trip. We used boat and rail to get to Rome. I am not sure whether it was on this trip or one a few years later when from Florence onwards we had to share a carriage compartment with a lady and a cage of live and rowdy chickens. We stayed in a hostel. I can remember visiting the athletics stadium and also seeing the showjumping (David Broom) with Alan Bolt in the Piazza de Siena. I think we visited Ostia, Pompeii (only staff and older students were allowed near the “sexy” bits), the Via Appia Antica, and sat through a performance of Aida at the Terme di Caracalla.

    Are there any photographs of the trips in the 50’s to Montreux designed (hopefully) to help learn to speak French?

  7. Phil seaman says:

    Hello Frank
    Your comments about woodwork etc seem pretty accurate to me. Yes it was and still is one of my favourite subjects but I’m not so keen on mitring joints – too mean to buy a “chop saw” or expensive mitre block!! Still get caught for doing skirtings and architraves in my kids houses though!! Thank goodness for polyfilla and paint to cover up the mess.

    I had intended to go on the Rome Olympics trip but left school in the January. Met a fellow pupil, Alan Morrell some years later and remember he said accommodation etc was not too good.

  8. Frank Nowell says:

    The group picture of people who went on the trip to the 1960 Rome Olympics (see my comments of 27 February and 9 March) is now posted at B.Robertson-Dunn Pics – look at SCGS home page for connection. From comments of one or 2 people the picture has already jogged some memories.
    Best wishes!

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