A SCGS CALENDAR : SUMMER TERM 1968 (from P.Denyer)

LAYOUT MAP OF SCGS - but given for what occasion?

2 Responses to Varia

  1. Roger White says:

    Others are better qualified than me to work out the provenance of the map but do I spot something run off on a ‘banda’ copier? I went to various schools – SCGS for 2 1/2 years only – and I seem to remember them all using that presumably primitive technology to provide copies of vocab (French and German), equations (maths – surprise) and many maps/hydrological cycles/summer solstice etc etc (geography). The phrase ‘summer solstice’ makes me wonder if Jack Skene used these flimsy hand-written sheets with their rainbow inks . A phrase to match ‘A Valence le midi commence’ and ‘Marseilles [pron Ma-sails] boy, Marseilles. How many times do I have to tell you?’ in answer to the question ‘What’s that French port on the Mediterranean, sir?’

  2. John Powell says:

    My first, and only, encounter with a Banda machine was at SCGS. The smell of the solvent is the longest-lasting impression (no pun intended) along with the entertainment value of cranking the handle.

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